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PEPWAVE – Caravan & Motorhome Cellular Internet

We have partnered with PEPWAVE to bring the very best in caravan & motorhome specific LTE WiFi routers combined with their range of high performance omnidirectional externally mounted roof antennas into the touring market ensuring we can keep our customers connected both in the UK and when touring throughout Europe or even further afield.

PEPWAVE is well known for providing cellular connectivity for everything from fleets of vehicles, superyachts, commercial shipping, emergency services, and now caravan and motorhome owners. PEPWAVE is also a key provider of multi WAN bonding technology that allows a router to combine multiple network connections together for increased speed and performance, or enhanced failover redundancy. In particular, the PEPWAVE MAX Transit Duo has earned the reputation as a great choice for European touring vehicles and inland waterways watercraft.

Reliable Internet connectivity can provide enhanced enjoyment onboard and additional entertainment for friends and family music streaming, video & TV streaming, news and social media as well as secure corporate communications VOIP, email, and messaging. However, getting reliable internet connectivity in a Caravan or Motorhome has a number of specific challenges this is where we can help.

PUMA 401 Antenna

4 x Cellular & 1 x GPS

pepwave puma antenna

CAC Part No. 49-00-025-0

PUMA 221 Antenna

2 x Cellular, 2 x WiFi & 1 X GPS

pepwave puma antenna

CAC Part No. 49-00-023-0

PUMA 020 Antenna

2 x WiFi Only

pepwave puma antenna

CAC Part No. 49-00-015-0